What thinks

Where did you get an idea like that?

… and isn’t it strange that this program seems to be independent of the program, that part of us, that recognizes it and questions it. This makes me want to get a look at the structure of the thought machine. I do think there is two mechanisms at work in this… call it the conscious and subconscious… like the autonomic nervous system that operates beyond our conscious control.

It seems that all that gets written into the subconscious identity program seems to happen without the rest of us being aware of it. Most of it we never really think about before hand… all of a sudden we notice we really have a thing against green people, or we have the fully formed idea that if we had children we’d be happy.

It seems as difficult to stop the unwelcome thought from appearing as it would be to stop breathing.

There doesn’t seem to be any conscious connection… but can this be? What is in control of our biological system that we can’t access any file and process?

Wouldn’t it be nice to think and feel the way we wanted?

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