What To Do About Water

You Don’t Miss The Water Till The Well Runs Dry


One of the big frustrations where my own health care program is concerned is – What to do about water. More specifically pure clean water. Where is there a pool or stream of uncontaminated water? What ocean is not a toxic waste dump? What drain on any city street is not full of poison? What cloud, what drop of rain?

I don’t see how people don’t make the connection between water going down the toilet and water in the ocean or cloud. It’s the same kind of thinking that says – Well, I just won’t eat GM Corn. How can we not eat GM Corn when there is GM Corn in the world?

Anyway there is something I do with water at home and it’s really easy and it makes whatever water we have better. Due to the memory and structure principles of water we can take a quart or so of water, put it in a blender, cut up some celery, apple and yellow bell pepper and blend it up.

Not a lot of any ingredient I find works and tastes best. I’ll use a small stalk of celery, peel a quarter of an inch of an apple and slice 4 inch wide pieces of yellow pepper. I only blend it a little so I can strain it easily. We can pour it through a strainer right into a glass or mix it with a gallon of water and keep it in the fridge.

Any ingredient will do. Vegetables have a close to perfectly structured water in them and that structure is adopted by what ever water we add it to. Plus, it tastes real good. Play around and find a favorite. Let us know what you come up with and any good info on “Better Water”.

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