Whats Behind the Thought of Your Thought?

Whats Behind the Thought of Your Thought is What Actually Creates Your Reality. Try to Understand the Difference-

We are constantly told by new age that our thoughts create our reality and effect our body/health… so all we have to do is be positive, loving and kind… and everything will be fine right? Wrong… this is not true… because its actually the thoughts that are behind the thoughts that effect our body and create our reality.

For example, a person has good intentions to help another person, or to help the planet, but they are confused… they are helping mainly because they want to have good karma, for their own good, or so they can feel better about themselves, or to feed their identity and confirm to themselves that they are a good person, or to make a profit, or to be loved and accepted, popular, or to be a special person, or because they are looking for a way to escape their lives. This is the thought behind the thought

This is the thought behind the thought and what that thought actually is… is fear and confusion. Thus no matter how kind, positive or loving the person is to others… or to their own body… they still get back violence, pain and confusion from their life, from their body and especially from their mind. Because all the above thought form… comes from control and conditioning… from force, stress and authority… an unseen authority telling us how we should be… which is fake and not natural…

When we are not being in our natural state of thinking everything turns on us… even the mind and body. This is why we say that the “Secret” and all “Channeling new age religious stuff” is dangerous.

Behind the thought of the thought is energy… and that energy is what we are actually made of.

If we are confused, and probably 98% of the people on the planet are confused, and those confused people are sending positive loving energy to someone or something… what are they actually sending? What they must be sending is confusion… and confusion is violence, inner conflict, not love.

Which is why in the midst of these mediations on peace… all these attempts to send love… we have more war, violence and confusion then ever before. People think they are helping in this way but it does not help at all… it actually makes things worse.

If a person is able to understand observe and dismantle the conditioning of the thoughts behind their thoughts then they are the most likely to attain their psychological freedom.

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