What's Wrong With The Truth?

Archived Articles:
From Natural News

In one story about alternative medicine, the Associated Press characterized the teaching of acupuncture as “Harry Potter medicine.” The story criticizes acupuncture and demeans any mention of “energy channels” even though acupuncture has been scientifically proven to be extremely effective at managing pain. There is no mention in the AP story of the published, peer-reviewed studies that promote acupuncture’s proven effectiveness and safety.

As I’ve stated here on NaturalNews many times, the whole system of “evidence-based medicine” is biased against natural medicine from the start because the FDA maintains an official policy of declaring all plant-based medicines to be inert in the human body, regardless of how much scientific evidence demonstrates otherwise.

In the FDA’s eyes, there is no such thing as a food, herb, dietary supplement or nutrient that has any beneficial effect against any disease or health problem in the human body. And you know why? Because according to the FDA, only “drugs” can be used to prevent, treat or reverse any disease or health condition, not nutrients. All nutrients are inert by decree.

So the simple truths that vitamin C cures scurvy or that vitamin D prevents cancer are censored out of existence by the FDA and its media cohorts. So the AP, instead of reporting to the American people what works to make them healthy, spends its time attacking Suzanne Somers over her new book featuring interviews with doctors who have cured cancer using nutritional therapies and other forms of alternative medicine. ( World Without Cancer)

When it comes to health, the Associated Press apparently isn’t interested in reporting what works. It’s not interested in educating the public how to be healthy, how to avoid cancer, or how to explore natural therapies that might support their health rather than destroying it (like chemotherapy does). Instead, the AP has taken the side of the criminally-operated pharmaceutical industry to discredit and destroy anything that offers the American people freedom of choice in their medicines.

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