Whats wrong with watching TV

There is nothing innately wrong with watching TV. Although I think its time we stop calling what we’re watching TV. With all the media devices in play now days we should think of some generic term, I’m going to call them “Screens”.  There is nothing innately wrong with watching the screens.

There is a lot of great stuff on screen. Have you seen The Americans, Justified, Game of Thrones… ?

Now, there is a torrent of propaganda and brain wipe on screen too. I don’t watch corporate, government, supported news on screen… I get updates via email from a few sources I like on whats happening around the world.. sometimes I read them

I don’t watch commercials… I mute them… most of what I watch on screen is recorded or downloaded commercial free. I watch something on screen everyday. I like it, I’m glad its there. So whats wrong with it?

When any entertainment becomes an escape its not in our best interest to let that go unnoticed. I’ve noticed this in myself. I know a lot about escape mechanisms, I used drugs to escape for over 30 years. I didn’t like what was going on in the world of people… so I tuned it out. This was a serious mistake.

Not only did I damage myself physically but a lot of crap got into my head unchecked. I woke to find a me I didn’t really like. A me I didn’t want to be alone with… many of us don’t like being alone… not because we like people that much but because we don’t like ourselves that much… so we seek distraction. The screen is fantastic as a distraction.

If we ever want to truly know ourselves, if we want to understand ourselves, really help ourselves, be sane, be happy (by ourselves without need of distraction) and have the best experience here possible, we need to spend time alone. No people, no distractions, just ourselves… alone.

In some sense, we are what we’re thinking… not “I think therefore I am” or any other philosophical, religious, societal or political jargon… But in the sense that we experience life as we think… In this sense it is a reality that we all live in different worlds. We’re not people sharing the world, we’re worlds sharing that with people.

If we ever want to improve our lives. Not improve external conditions (though this is good fun) but improve the world we exist in: The world as we think it; we’ll need to meticulously examine our thinking.

To truly improve our lives and live in peace with our selves then close and constant observing of our thoughts is our only recourse.

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