What’s your story?

In some beginning, people saw death as separating from friends, leaving the things they’d come to know and love… that seemed lonely, alone, lost… and I suppose something needed to be done about that. So, the people said, “How about this?”. And some others said, “I don’t like that story… how about this?”, and some liked that story and some didn’t.

Some see this, creating creation, as a lack of clear thinking, the silly stories of silly people

A question might be asked, “Are we story free?”. We may not go with this story or that, but do we have one of our own? Do we recognize a story when we hear one? How about when it comes from people or a place we like? And why do we like those things we like?

Could we find out by thinking about it?

Everything that is in the world of people came by way of thinking. If thinking made the mess, who would see it as the remedy? Did we make a thinking story?

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