When The High And Mighty Come To Earth

I’m sure you’ve heard about all the new age people coming to earth. They are said to be Star Seeds, Indigos, Blue Rays, Chrystal Children, the “Indigo Soul Ray of Incarnation and Evolution” and there coming here to do something for us so we might be something different, so we might not kill our selves and… ? Not really sure what the plan is but I’ve observed one thing for sure

Nobody, no matter how awesome, no matter how high and mighty they were when they planned their trip to this planet grows up here unscathed. Once they get here all bets are off. Earth is weird and the effect of the collective race mind drenched in existential fear is enough to throw and ship off course… The guides, angels and other higher communions seem to be unable to help here either… You have a guide, you see the dimensional reality… So what?

So you can read auras, big fuckin’ deal, how does that help?

Ever wonder why so many of them are in one bad relationship after another, get paranoid, jealous, greedy, suicidal and mostly talk about shit that does nothing but add to the mental and emotional confusion of the very people they came to save? This is assuming they aren’t among the horde of critters that are just lying for earth dollars.

I understand what they’re going through. I live here to… I have the same screwed up system of thinking that they ran into when they got here. What I think the whole problem with “The Plan” is this – the plan rarely survives the effects of being born here. No matter how clear the thinking process was where they came from now they get earth tools, earth DNA, earth memory and all the inherent earth fears over security and survival that cause suffering and horror

Herein lies the problem: We can’t get better through the introduction of better stories, better images, better vibrations and instruction; we’ve been trying that for ages, as long as we’ve been here… The new people, the new age, the star guys and girls are doing the same thing now we’ve all been doing forever: Misdiagnosing the Problem

The Problem isn’t in our future, understanding the possible future, other dimensions and Source Mind… The Problem, our problem, now their problem is in the way the mind works “Here On Earth”. Our whole thinking process is stuck in the past because it never leaves the past behind.

If the New Kids had a plan it didn’t survive entry into this form with this mind. That’s what we need to work on – our minds, our attachment to memory, our fear – which is now their fear

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