When weird is normal

I came by a science article today and a subsequent action by a science journal that makes sense… which is sort of weird… which in itself is sort of weird.

How strange that seeing something in the mainstream news world that makes sense. Made me feel like something otherworldly was taking place. I grew up in a world that made no sense to me… from the behavior of parents and teachers to the people I called friends… even my own thoughts began to morph into a sort of science fiction story

I rarely, if ever, run across anyone who isn’t living out some make believe story. Just yesterday, after discussing belief with a person for months, they asked me to define belief. This, otherworldly dreamlike stuff, has become way to much a part of my normal everyday existence.

Is it too late for people? Have we crossed the line? Reached the point of no return? A return to what is and only what is? I’d say it’s likely over for people here on this planet, but who knows. I have seen something of a trend in science recently where, due to the advance in technology and the widespread visual evidence available to anyone who cares to look, the stories astronomers have been telling are becoming unsustainable… so the keepers of Cosmology are changing their stories to better fit reality. Which is the exact opposite of what has been going on for the last half century or so

the article I refer to is now gone

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