Where are the Terrorists?

Our military has just been going through a big show about how they’re changing over from a cold war type spending spree, to a terrorist oriented increased spending cut. Don’t expect that “spending more cut” to make sense. In the real world it’s called horse shit. The real problem for the military and the government expansionists is the apparent lack of terrorists.

Anything we are told by the war mongers about the threat of some terrorists getting a hold of nuclear capabilities, or nuclear materials, to build a bomb is just bullshit. It suggests that the “terrorist threat” is stupid. All you need to get a nuclear weapon is money. You don’t need material. You don’t need a reactor. You don’t need a centrifuge are weapons grade plutonium. Anyone with enough money can buy a nuclear warhead.

So what’s the deal? Are the terrorists broke? Don’t they have networks feeding money to various groups intent on the destruction of the western way of life? Aren’t we in danger? Where are the terrorists? Here’s a question: why go through all the hassle of spending years getting some people into the U.S., training them to make impossible maneuvers with great big planes (full of people) to fly into a building where it’s been proven through out recent history you can’t really destroy. I mean, in order to take down any concrete and steel structure, you have to have experts to handle sophisticated explosives and experts educated in engineering, with (at least some) blue prints, to rig the building, all done in secret and without a single slip up. That’s a dumb idea if you’re a foreign terrorist. It’s just a dumb, costly, risky, low percentage plan. Plus, it’s completely unnecessary.

Remember, anybody with money can buy a nuclear warhead. It’s very easy to get within range of DC. It would be as simple as ready, aim, fire. Done. So where are they? Why do we care about Iran? Why doesn’t Iran have a nuclear warhead? Why haven’t they taken their nuclear weapon and bombed people like Israel? Why doesn’t Palestine bomb Israel? Where are the terrorists in Afghanistan? Why don’t they kill more people? I guess that’s the main question. Why, if there is a huge threat to national security that warrants a four percent increased cut in spending to gear up for, do something? Anything? Oh yeah, we are being kept safe by our protectors, the corporate military government business. Thank you so much.

Beware, in this new atmosphere of the uncooperative terrorist, it’s become increasingly apparent that the real “best” terrorist is made right here at home. They are being manufactured as fast as possible. It might be any of us. Your neighbor. Your Doctor. All the government needs to do is widen the definition and presto, instant enemy combatant. Pretty handy – if you’re trying to create new markets for war.

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