Where Do New Diseases Come From?

In my life time I’ve been baffled by things more than a few times. In fact, I stay baffled. I’m always confused about something somebody is saying about something somewhere. Thankfully, I’ve gotten unbaffled on a good percentage of was once baffling.

When AIDS hit the media I sat up and thought, What the fuck is goin’ on?”. Out of the blue a new and terrible disease is loose. What loosed it? Where was it? If it’s been with us forever as people would have us believe, what “all of a sudden” let it loose? Nothing changed. Somebody said some guys were fuckin’ monkeys. This just happened?

Man and monkeys lived in jungles together for ages and just last week some guy thinks (for the first time) I’m gonna do it. For years I waited to find out where AIDS came from. More like waited to find out who made it?

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