Where Fear Ends

When Nothing Is The Beginning

When Nothing Is The Beginning, Then, In There, Fear Ends

The history of fear, as well the intimate and personal experiencing of it, both conditions inwardly and outwardly are contaminated by a massive paradox: Hope is more important than fear! Isn’t it?

Logically it makes pefect sense: hope is more important than fear… right?

But while fear is merely the act of thinking through linear time, hope is merely the obvious direct consequence of this psychological condition of thinking through time… indeed hope exists as long as fear persists; it is there because of fear… therefore hope is just the covered extention of fear.

The whole history of man has been characterized and painted by fear… that’s the reason why it has been always going together with hope for millennia… …hope expressed in all possible ways, stratagems, expectations, ambitions, illusions of all kinds… whether religious, spiritual, mystical, idealistic, philosophical, political, social and so on… and where are we now? Where are we now? Nowhere.

Hope and fear go together: they are the two sizes of the same conditioned coin the value of which is represented by the whole weight of historical disasters and conditioning’s we carry today within our tired, nervous, alerted or falsely light manipulated mind

Time is the factor of fear generated by conditioned thought: hope is the factor of fear; so if you don’t understand the very gear of the whole mechanics of this vicious psychological circle… you won’t ever end fear.. fear will never come to an end… while hope will merely remain a perennial, constant, poisonous, soporific and blinding postponement… as well the most common form of psychological escapism.

What can we do?

Look: When the thinker, which is the whole mind thinking simultaneously (not just the conditioned intellectualization of everything), when you yourself as a thinker realize that your thoughts cannot end fear because you thoughts are irreparably corrupted by conditioning’, …when you face this reality, which is the human condition, as like it is… when you profoundly and intensively observe the situation of men and you yourself as a part of it… then paradoxically you begin the dismantling of fear ’cause in this condition of maximum understanding all labels and archetypes and illusions… such as the negative and positive, the act of thinking sadly of euphorically, and the whole psychological drugged-verbalized-conditioned architecture of the eternal conflict between time and hope (which is the conflict between “fear of the part and fear of the future and how I would like things to be”) .. all of these psychological monsters decay

Then comes silence: immense and intense silence… not the stasis of nothing… but rather the peace inherent the condition of being nothing… You see?

No gods, no roles, no authority, no blame and shame, guilt or mission, right and wrong, and not even the corrupted intellectualized negative meaning and consequential fear of nothing… none of these things can ever affect the nothing.

To be psychologically nothing is the end of fear… Do you understand?

Then, as like at the beginning of a universe, where nothing moves… from there you can start the beginning of everything… of your absolutely new psychological universe…

There the mind is finally free… In there men can finally progress toward the world they never had…

Where nothing is the beginning, there fear ends because the psychological new meets its freedom from the mental old

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