Where the mind goes free

The mind goes free when the voices become a far away noise

The mind who believes in the power of control, the mind who has complete control over its own thought… is a stupid mind!

Because control implies distraction, does it not?

The controlled brain takes up a position, whether meditation, honour, identity, pride, self-hallucinations of various kind.. and a mental position dictated by these psychological clots .. chats! Always! And through such militarized thoughts the psyche reads everything else, which is reality.. inwardly and outwardly.. as a distraction, and that’s the very keystone of psychological confusion.. and its (so easy) pathological ramifications ..

The mind who believes in control has no possibility at all to remove the very pattern of distraction from the brain.. not merely verbally or emotionally or motivationally.. which is silly.. but rather totally, wholly:

Can a mind think about the whole industry of self-distraction..
without the movements of thoughts that feed such distraction everyday?

Control is surely not the answer ’cause control chatters.. and so does the controlling/self-controlled psyche..

If the mechanicism of distraction is completely observed… Completely! Not as an entertainment, or a practice, or a technique of some sort… some psychological yoga or breathing activity or illusory reiki whatsoever .. nor merely an achievement of some sort… but observed completely… then circus of psychological inward distraction is completely removed altogether..

Then the “wondering” goes silent.. very very silent.. but absolutely attentive.. There the “voices” stop.. or at least remain as the background-noise of a busy far away “psychological highway” ..

Here… the mind goes free..

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