Where the prontuary gets established

From culture to culture and generation to generation, all of us have been taught to treat the mind through a psycho-mnemonic way, the stamp of which is merely scholastic: the associations of the brain’s processes is indeed utilized through an indisputably dissociated procedure of thinking …

Along the daily assembly of the processes of thinking.. the psychological amalgamation, the very act of thinking the mind is supposed to establish everyday, is always fragmentary.. exactly as it happens within the educative system where now there’s mathematics, then poetry and then will come the turn of sociology.. and so on..

The mental fragmentation leads to the act of giving individual values to particular individual psychological circuits which, obviously, if taken alone, do not represent the wholeness of the mind:
the sentiment/sensation of love, for example, is a fragment toward which immense revelance and value are given.. or the mnemonic attachment to the family.. or the figuration of hope, god, life after death and so on..

Now, we are here trying to think out of that separative mechanics of the “right and the wrong”, the “good and evil” which goes nowhere if not right toward inward and outward conflict (just like history suggests)..

I like to call “kryton” a point of congregation from which a prontuary gets established.. and from such prontuary we can go in every direction.. just like a mind map the centre of which (what I call “prontuary”) is its directional core..

“Kryton” means nothing: It is voluntarily a “non-word” ’cause whatever word we like to use to define what we are trying to define here, inexorably carries the weight of its conditioned meanings the ramification of which always tends to corrupt the dynamic of thinking.. and if we start thinking from a platform which is already contaminated by meanings.. then, I’m afraid, we cannot really pretend to think freely: the kryton is meaningless; it’s the “zero point”, the “thought zero”..

Do you follow ?
I know it’s complicated..
it does sound as a rumination of some kind..
but the mind is complicated as well.. therefore the very denial of any inquiry aimed to decrypt all of its procedure.. perhaps by saying “get a life” or “this are nothing but mental masturbation”.. leads to superficiality .. to misery .. then to acts of clinging to beliefs..

It was said: “all roads lead to Rome” .. From this metaphor we can deduce that all roads that begin from Rome, also go toward all directions right? and from this point an imperative question arises which is: can the psychological environment, I mean: the very operativity of thinking, which is life, be one.. be a single movement of thinking with all of its parts and implications proceeding together? Unified?

Can the very act of thinking be itself, the “kryton” I’m talking about .. which is the fixed prontuary? The unified mind…

I’m not sure if you follow?
Do you follow?
I do know that it’s complicated..
Let me play a metaphor please:

Imagine you are in a field.. very very vast field and that’s your life.. and imagine that there is an object suspended in the sky representing your intelligence, your psychological integrity and lucidity…
the “lighthouse” & self-orientation of mental health ..

Now, if that object is a parallelepiped .. then wherever you will move in that field .. when you will be in need to refer to the object (which represents your intelligence and integrity) then, depending of your position in the field, such object will be always observed (due to your different perspectives) through its different shape .. and this determines great mental inconstancy..

If instead, by keeping with this metaphor, such object is a sphere .. then, regardless of the position in which we will move along the field, the moment in which it will be necessary to observe and to use our own integral intelligence.. the sphere, regardless of the perspective of analysis, will be and will appear always as a sphere.. you understand right?

This all leads to the following question: Can the mind own a psychological prontuary from which, as a fixed point, the mind branches out every process of thinking without separating one from another?

Think about these things ..

Can the whole mind be that “kryton” from which the very act of thinking develops itself (and not confusion, searching, desiring, hoping, clinging, adopting, imitating and so on)? ..

Or do we really have to accept the false cognitive reality through which we all have educated because of our conditionings?

A conditioned cognitive reality in which the emotional process of thinking almost always repress the logical one, or in which the logical one controls the emotionality .. or maybe the mnemonic factors invade and petrify the neuro-plastic naturalness the brain is made of.. and so on?

I’m aware that the many have not even a marginal idea in regard of what these inquiries are talking about…

The many have the tendency to empathize and identify themselves with pre-manufactured paths in life just like the so called “spirituality” for example .. which, by the way, drugs the neuro-plasticity of the brain generating psychological opium and smallness within the individual dynamic intelligence .. I do not know if you ever observed how the “spiritual mind” is always captured by the desire to add new pieces along the path on which such mind believes to walk.. and because of this everlasting walking .. such mind is constantly drugged .. (?!)..

This happens because such mind has no self-prontuary, nor self-orientation .. it’s branches with no trunk and no roots..

This is the very reason why a guru, then, becomes extremely important.. or a belief, or a church, or a meaning in life and so on..

There cannot be freedom, nor psychological order.. just hope, authority and control made up by illusions…

Do you understand what I’m talking about?

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