Where The Space People And Other Aliens Go

I was just reading what some people were writing and commenting concerning aliens… Seems like they were all familiar with them. I was wondering where they lived, but I wasn’t really interested enough to ask…

The topic started out talking about pleasure and how people get addicted to pleasure. People get addicted to all kinds of things… I think a lot of people are sort of addicted to talking about space people and other alien creatures, spirits and various New Age constructs

I’ve never seen any of that alien, vampire, guide, supernatural, energy healer stuff here in the North West… heard a lot of talk about it… Here there is just the run of the mill earth things… of course we have pleasure here and some people are still getting addicted to it… sex, power, drugs and other common methods of escape.

There are those too who are climbing into stories to get out of what’s going on in their heads… like that’s really possible. I did it for a while using sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll… but all attempts eventually fail and we, who don’t kill ourselves, come back to what’s here…

Not saying I wouldn’t like to talk with a non earthling or peoples other gods… I guess this area is to woodsy for them

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