Who Are The Dumbest People On Earth?

What does it take to be labeled the dumbest people on Earth? This no small feat. The competition is fierce.

I would say that the dumb meter might read something like: From 1 to 10, how much suffering do I cause myself. Think that would be a fair measuring tool? I mean, would smart people go out of their way to suffer? That’s masochistic.

I heard Tommy Lee Jones in an interview once respond to (question), “What have you learned as you’ve gotten older”, (Tommy) “I stopped doing things that made my life hard”. I guess I might say the same thing. Who chooses to do things that make their lives hard? People who don’t know any better? People with no real life experience?

How many politicians does it take to build a light bulb? Not change a light bulb – build a light bulb.

How many top one per-centers does it take to build a TV?

I don’t know how to build a TV. I couldn’t go to the TV scrap yard and build one – even if I knew what components to look for – which I don’t. If I like using a TV, people who can build a TV should be very important to me.

I haven’t talked to all the politicians and elite gang members but from what I’ve seen they aren’t real handy people. Would it be safe to say that all of them together couldn’t build a 100 yard bridge that could stand up to moderate traffic – foot, car, train or otherwise?

So how dumb do you have to be to persecute and deprive the very people that make your life – livable?

How many of this elite group could survive on their own? Get my drift here? What are they gonna do when they wipe out the population that feeds them? What are they gonna build prison farms and prison factories to house the remaining population? Does this sound like the plan of smart people?

One reason for the disbelief concerning the global elite’s plan for humanity is that such ideas can’t register as possible in the heads of any semi-intelligent creature. It doesn’t make sense. It’s too stupid. It’s laughable that world leaders could be that dumb – but they are.

There are some real basic things smart people learn fairly quickly. These aren’t obscure teachings either. I’m talking about things like “The Golden Rule”. Why is do unto others recommended? Less suffering for the person following the rule. Do unto others is self preservation.

How about the ten commandments? Why is not killing, stealing, hating or lying suggested? Less suffering.

So why would anyone, with half a brain, choose to do things that everybody knows will result in more suffering? To act in such a manner is just plain old Dumb, numb-skull, bonehead, stupid ….

Just as dumb, if not dumber, are the police and soldiers who kill and maim for their stump dumb elite masters. How dumb do you have to be to piss of the people in your community? You have to live there. So everyday is a day out with people who despise you – for being an idiot with a badge and a list of ridiculous laws written by dumb people. Smart people wouldn’t do this.

What soldier in their right mind follows orders that no intelligent human would consider? There is no “Thou Shalt Not Kill – cept when yer told ta – Clause”. Why? It brings personal suffering to the killers – Dummy – it makes your life a living hell. Does there have to be a law before people act in accordance with Life? To bad – nobody’s writing laws like that. You’ll just have to grow up like the rest of the animals.

But in the end the people temporarily running the world take the dumb prize hands down.

I would like to call all the winners to healing. Dumb doesn’t have to be permanent. All you have to do, to stop being stupid, is find some smart people and hang out with them. Do what they do. If you can find children who haven’t been farmed out to the dummy day care school system yet they would make excellent teachers.

Now that I think about it I could have come up with some sort of nincompoop trophy or plaque – maybe next time.

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