Who Decides Who Gets What

Some thoughts for “Occupy-Wall-Street” and everyone else trying to make something better.

One of the things I notice, day in and day out, year after year, is people complaining about tax breaks for the rich. It’s true the really rich people get to have a hand in the tax laws. The rest of us don’t.

So there is inequality in taxes and inequality in access to lawmakers. Barely anyone will say they don’t think rich people should have to suffer the same tax burden as the majority. There are a lot of ways to make taxes more equal. But here’s my question: Who decides?

Who is gonna make these decisions about what happens with people’s money?

I want to say this real quick and then provide a link to a higher authority for you.

There are institutions that cannot escape being corrupted. The reason we had a Republic in the “United States” was to make it very hard for anyone or any group to take over. Centralization as a political philosophy should always stay public enemy number one.

We have allowed our money and our government to be usurped by the followers of centralization and from that – no good can possibly come.

Here are links to help:

Message to Occupy-Wall-Street protesters.It explains that taxation is a form of slavery. Therefore, calling for so-called “equal taxation” is calling for equal slavery. The elites are trying to re-direct the anger of the protest movement into proposals that will actually increase the power of politicians and bankers who created the problem in the first place

G. Edward Griffin explains the difference between free-market capitalism and monopoly capitalism and how that relates to the contest between individualism and collectivism.

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