Who Is God In Modern Society

Who Is God

In all cases, God is a story. Depending on what story is read to us we form our early pictures of God, or Gods.

From some of the God stories we meet the God as a Who. In other stories we’re introduced to the God as a what. So depending on the story told in each society people will naturally ask the questions, “Who is God”, or, “What is God”. Each according to their teaching.

But this isn’t a story about supernatural deities but about the God ideas we grow up with and how they influence our lives and societies.

The Gods Of Society

The phenomena of accepting rulers most likely exists because of the God stories we believe to be, or might be, true. This belief in supernatural Gods combined with the instinctual human desire for security allows the tyrant to operate with a great degree of impunity.

The Gods of society are more often than not beyond the reach of the laws and courts. When our modern Gods end up behind bars it’s always at the hands of more powerful Gods. People don’t have the power to discipline the Gods of society.

The fact of the matter is, if a God goes to jail, it wasn’t a God at all, but only a prophet – the Gods chosen spokesperson. We sometimes see an employee of the Gods go down for one reason or another. It’s easy to think a God got busted and disciplined under the law but – that never happens. Gods made Law – People obey the Law.

Who Or What?

As to the questions – Who Is God or What Is God – there is only one answer that is within reach. The what Gods can’t be seen. We may be able to experience them but that’s an individual quest and none of this articles business. But always

Note: Only the Gods Of Society are Who Gods. If you are told that the God Of Creation is a Who, you’re being conned by a Who God prophet, who was conned by a Who God prophet, who was …. And so on.

The Who Gods are always seen through their prophets. These are the people who administer the Gods desire through Law. We can know the Gods desire and thus their personalities by listening to the words of their prophets.

The prophets can be seen and heard through their announcers on TV. Sometimes minor prophets are interviewed so we can watch the prophets as they deliver the Gods desire. Keep in mind that only the low level prophets appear in public. Like the Who Gods the higher level administrators remain all but invisible.

Freedom From The Gods Of Society

This is the great question. How to escape the hand of a mostly unseen vastly powerful Who God? There is no reason to consider escaping the What Gods since we wouldn’t know what we were fleeing from. But the Who Gods…well.

The Who Gods always portray escape as futile and painful. Painful: absolutely, try defying the Gods Law. Futile: I’m not sure that it matters if it’s futile or not. We either work at our escape, or we become one with the horde. The horde willingly goes along with the words and dictates of the prophets in hope of salvation – from something. The Horde maintains the faith they will be delivered from their state of inner insecurity.

The horde people seem to all have this inner insecurity and this blind faith in common. Outside of these two common traits they may be as different as different can be and will kill each other if the Gods command.

Those of us who fight back  our fears and buck at the restraints of the Who Gods face death and prison at every turn. Not a pleasant peaceful life condition – But what else is their to do?

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