Who Is Voting For You And How Would A Real Democracy Function

You may have wondered how, in a democracy, so many laws and regulations are voted in that don’t serve the majority of the public interest. It’s because we gave away our right to vote to politicians. You get to vote for politicians – that’s all. That’s it. After that, you’re out of the process. Is that really a Democracy?

Sure it is. There is no end to how people can fiddle with a political system and there are no laws against calling any form of government anything we want. If you have the power, you can call a military dictatorship the “People’s Republic” . We have a corporate run government we call a Democracy. This came after we called a Republic a Democracy until people forgot they had a Republic.

I would never choose a Democracy as my form of government. I don’t want anybody voting on what I get to eat or whether I want to pick some leaves and smoke them. The list goes on for as long as you like. How do you feel about the lady down the street deciding what you can wear in your yard?

Anyway here is an idea I thought I’d share. It’s not new but it is relatively sane.

According to the DirectDemocracyNow.org Web site, the global movement seeks to circumvent traditional “representative democracy” and replace it with the direct democracy concept ofone person, one vote.

“As a citizen of the world, the time for your voice to be heard is now! No longer can we just sit back as elected representatives pass legislation and enact policies detrimental to the general welfare… While furthering the welfare of only the very powerful, the very rich and special interests,” writes the site’s creator, Gerald Celente, founder/director of the Trends Research Institute. “I believe that time is now.”

Celente maintains that representative government, like that set forth in the U.S. Constitution, is repressive.

“Unlike the current ‘Representative Democracy’ where elected representatives make decisions regardless of the wishes of their constituencies,” in Direct Democracy individuals vote on critical issues and their decisions are carried out by their elected representatives… Whether they like it or not.”

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