Who Was Edwin Gray

Archived Articles:

1973, Edwin Gray of southern California has a radically advanced electric motor technology
….. early tests were sponsored by the Crosby Research Institute and conducted by Pan World Enterprises, Co. Ltd. On the strength of these test results, Bing Crosby became one of Ed Gray’s largest investors…

In WW II Edwin Gray learned of radar during his tour in the U.S. Navy, having previously attended advanced engineering school in the Army until discovered to be under age (15) and discharged. After the war, by 1958 he had learned to perform what he called “splitting the positive”, using “cold electrical energy” as well as the normal positive electrical energy. His first motor was operating by 1961. Preparing to put units into production, in 1974 the Los Angeles District Attorney confiscated all Gray’s records and prototypes …… The Tom BeardenWebsite

… Ed Gray is that he died in April 1993 in a trailer in Riverside, California where he lived with his girlfriend Dorothy. About 2AM, Ed was home alone when something happened and he was later found dead. The police told her he had a heart attack…

Real, Fake? I don’t know …..

When Whole Systems thinking is taken to its maximum extension, each and every product is evaluated for its cost and benefit from the beginning of its useful life to its ultimate recycling back to the raw materials it was made from. This is the new paradigm for engineering products – Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough


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Free Energy – A Reality Not a Conspiracy

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