Who’s Afraid of the New World Order?

You read a lot of articles and here the term “New World Order” and “One World Government” tied together as one in the same. What have world governments and organizations like the WTO, Nato and the United Nations have to do with the New World Order? The whole one world government theme is a distraction. The NWO hasn’t got much interest or need for a world government.

What the people who would rule the world are doing is securing control of global resources. You can see this effort being waged in three obvious areas: Food, Finance and Energy. Big agri-business is driving all independent farmers out of the business. The international energy giants don’t allow alternative markets to flourish and use the military government of America to secure future holdings and eventually absolute control. What can I say about “The Money Masters” that hasn’t been said a thousand times. The WTO, Nato and the United Nations, like all governmental agencies, plus 90% of the media are simply paid to do the bidding of the NWO.

When it’s all accomplishing why would there be a need for a government? We would see something like a governing body of oligarchs – but we basically have that now. There are the uncooperative upstarts who go against the would be masters but in the end if you can control food, energy and money – what can go against you? That’s the method and that’s the NWO. It has nothing to do with governments or corporations – they are tools. Like tools, when the job is finished….get the picture?

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