Why Are People Starving

Left to itself the Earth has abundant resources for growing food. Left to themselves people will rarely, if ever, starve. Only in extreme situations will people find themselves in this position.

But little or no starvation is far from the case in the world today, why? Once again, starvation is profitable. In the mad world of money “Pain Means Profit”. The system is quite simple: Create a disaster and offer a solution. It happens in the US all the time the same as it happens across the globe.

Sickening? Yes. Sad but true? Yes. Still want money?

Somalia: the Real Causes of Famine

By Michel Chossudovsky

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Somalia is categorized as a “failed state”, a country without a government.

But how did it become a “failed state”? There is ample evidence of foreign intervention as well as covert support of armed militia groups. Triggering “failed states” is an integral part of US foreign policy. It is part of a military-intelligence agenda.

According to the UN, a situation of famine prevails in southern Bakool and Lower Shabelle, areas in part controlled by Al Shahab, a jihadist militia group affiliated to Al Qaeda.

Both the UN and the Obama administration had accused Al Shahab of imposing “a ban on foreign aid agencies in its territories in 2009”. What the reports do not mention, however, is that Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (HSM) (“Movement of Striving Youth”) is funded by Saudi Arabia and supported covertly by Western intelligence agencies.

The backing of Islamic militia by Western intelligence agencies is part of a broader historical pattern of covert support to Al Qaeda affiliated and jihadist organizations in a number of countries, including, more recently, Libya and Syria.

The broader question is: What outside forces triggered the destruction of the Somali State in the early 1990s?