Why Change Is So Hard

This covers personal change and change in the global community as well.

The first thing we must except if we want to change ourselves or the world we live in is the fact that we’ve been programmed. What we refer to as our selves is mainly the personality. The personality is the program running.

When we fire up our computers we see a program running. We look at the picture on the monitor. Is the picture the computer?

The actual computer is sitting on the desk or now days in our hand. The pictures we see are the result of the program.

Computers have a case, some hardware and a circuit board which connects all the components. We have an organic case made of skin, bone, muscle and so on. With us, the case, is also a component. All organs, all cells, are components and are connected through a nervous system.

To fire up a computer we plug in to an electrical circuit. We too must be connected to a source of electricity. Our source is what we call the Universe.

If a computer has no program, or operating system, we don’t see much. We can turn it on and while it is actually on, it doesn’t do much. It needs a program to make something useful happen. The default program is “Ready”.

Babies all have a default program. They’re born – ready. Now we can install some programs.

A computer is ready for more programs by default and we can install them using a CD. We call these programs software. They’re a set of instructions. They are scripts. Scripts like scripts in a play. When we start the program the curtain goes up, the lights light up, an actor appears on the stage. This all happens according to the script.

Babies are a little different. With babies we don’t know exactly what we’re installing. We don’t get to look at the software and decide. With babies we call installing programs teaching. Some of us would like to just copy our own program and install it on the babies hard drive. Wouldn’t that make it easier? The baby wouldn’t have to bump it’s head so much. It would know not to crawl off the table when we turned our backs.

It would know what we know and be ahead of the game. Wouldn’t that be best?

I guess it would, if the conditions we’d created here on the planet were really great for everybody. But that’s not the case. I’d say the conditions we’d created here aren’t ideal for anybody and for some the conditions are down right horrific.

Wouldn’t we want the new people do make some thing better? I do.

We know, or we will know, that all things start with a thought. All things: fences, planes, pencils, the Cern Hadron Collider, quilts and dances. All ideas, all thoughts, turned into things.

New things are never really 100% new.

When we want to think up something new, how do we do it? Would we use our brain? Start thinking? Is this the best way?

What if we wanted to create a new condition for ourselves, where would we start? Lets say we wanted more money, what would we do? What would we start thinking about? I’ll make a prediction, if you’re willing to run an experiment.

Pick a condition you’d like to experience. I picked more money because I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t like to have more money. Decide what you want and write it down. Now, we know, or we will know, that all things, or conditions, are created by thought. In the next few hours, days and weeks, notice how much of your thought life is spent looking at memories.

If your like most people you’ll notice you spend most of your time looking at memories. These memories could be from earlier in the day, last week, or years ago. This is why so many people long for the good old days. They can’t think of anything new or different.

Many activists are active in moving backwards to what they remember as better. Was it really better? Was it better for everyone, or just better for them?

In order to make something better we’ll need to think better and that, I am convinced, means moving away from memory watching.

To bad there isn’t a program we can install that would wipe the old program and run a new one. Truth be told, forgetting the past is not a good idea. But I’m sure being stuck in the past is not the best way to a brighter future.

Creating a better future is pretty hard because getting out of memory is pretty hard. We can prove this to ourselves any time we want. Just stop looking at any memories. Don’t think about what’s already happened.

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