Why Prop 37 Failed

Prop 37 to Label GMO Foods Failed in California because the people in the United States are powerless.

The people in the United States are encouraged to hold on to the illusion of power provided by elections and votes.

They are encouraged to hold on to this illusion of vote power by those with real power. The actual power just won again over Prop 37.

Until there is a different system, this is the way it is. You have owners. They lend you things.

If we ever get rid of our illusions, like the illusion that we have any political power, then truly – All hell will break loose.

In the United States the public, the individual, has two arenas where they can exert any type of power: Witholding money and non-cooperation.

We can stop buying products from companies that rule over us. This has, and will, force change.

Stop cooperating: Stop voting, stop communicating with politicians in any way, stop watching state (corporate owned and operated) news shows, stop blogging about politics, stop trying to get bills passed – it’s not our government. Let go of any and all illusions.

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