Why We Cannot Understand

It has been my experience that no entity ever funds or supports a project when the success of that project would result in the destruction of the entity…

So to it is with the individual… the intellect will fight not to understand where understanding results in the death of it’s long held belief…

When building an intellectuals fortress “I Know” is the mortar to the stone

Our basic instinct for survival may result in our extinction… at the very least it is death to the evolution of our mind

Identity is the sensation that the whole mind & life must be always under control.

No-identity, which is boredom, is the sensation that the whole mind & life must be a waste of time.

But psychological serenity, which is what each one of us basically want, no matter if consciously of subconsciously, is the tangible sensation that the whole mind & life fly freely together… over the perennial mental incongruency between identity and no-identity

Diego Kricek Fontanive

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