Why we fail

Efforts, craving in order to extrapolate efforts to bring into being a “better man”, a “better woman”, whether politically, ideologically and up to “spiritual” puddings whatsoever and incredible nonsenses as an “other dimension”, the “shift”, the “rise of the goddess within”, the “higher self” and so on .. and obviously all the acts aimed to “jump” back into the paralysis of religious thinking.. all of these efforts are merely all futile, just like history tells us so obviously..

Efforts do not bring into being intelligent understanding, just repetition of the precedent models.. just painted with different appearances..

The very act of striving for existential efforts so clearly gives us ulterior illusions, delusions and confusions despite possible temporary productive outcomes..
So it happens socially, so it happens personally..

This reality should consolidate an immense serious inquiry within each one of us.. (when the mind is not shallow of course, or envious, or immersed in manias of power, money and success .. or just mad) ..

An inquiry aimed to realize that only a clear psyche, a psyche that has not ideological turmoils, not personalistically, nor tribalistically, neither collectively.. only a mind radically interested to its own rational stability and clarity .. can bring into being a real psychological revolution among men and women..

After all it’s not really that difficult to realize that the many of us are busy in so many stratagems and beliefs toward which they spend tremendous psychological and practical resources.. while very very few are actually interested to find out for themselves what actually psychological stability and mental order are..

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