Why you can have a belly full of meat and still feel hungry

Ever felt like you needed to eat but your stomach felt like it was still full from your last meal? If so, that last meal wasn’t a very productive one was it?

Ideally, wouldn’t we all but empty our stomachs and most of our lower digestive tract before we needed to eat again? Wouldn’t that seem the most efficient procedure? If this is true, then cooked meat like Beef, Pork and Birds aren’t very good as foods.

Enzymes break down all digestible foods and use that broken up stuff to make and deliver the nutrition we need. So when we think about meat having a lot of protein and that protein is good for us is our thinking factual?

You can certainly find out for yourself.

My understanding of meat now is it’s mainly good for flavor. Other than tasting good it’s pretty worthless as a food. The fact is meat is hard to digest and makes the organs work overtime.

Here’s a good video, the dangerous truth about protein

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