WikiLeaks Nominated-Nobel Peace Prize-Wait For The Spin

This is gonna be good. I’ve listened to the spin from DC and their brothers in arms across the globe running their mouths about something that, in a sane world, should be – none of their business. Here’s an idea on the Egypt spin speeches: Anyone who refers to Egyptians as “His (Mubarak’s) people” when taking the situation in Egypt should fired, impeached, resign or at least attend political therapy classes.

They’re actually telling everyone how they see themselves and the world. They are still living in the land of Kings who Rule by divine right. Egyptians aren’t Mubarak’s people. Citizens of the US aren’t Obama’s people. This type of speech is very revealing. These are the same people who say that Wikileaks is a threat to “our” world. Who’s world? What world do they live in? I really believe that Hilary Clinton and many – if not most people – in DC see people as subjects of the crown.

So get ready for this next spinner fest to begin. The dissident, cyber terrorist, enemy of the “Kingdom”, Julian “Wikileaks” Assange, nominated for the Nobel peace prize. Sharing the stage with his royal majesty, war boy, Obama. I’m liken’ this a lot.

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