Wisconsin, What's Really Important

If you asked most people what’s going on in Wisconsin what would they say? Most would say that some government faction is attempting to impose it’s political philosophy on the citizens by dismantling unions. Is that about right?

This is what I’ve seen going on in Wisconsin:

I don’t really care if there are unions. I don’t see a difference, in the long run, with different “stated” political philosophy’s. I don’t think any of the systems we operate under lead anywhere – good. The whole system is a never ending loop that will eventually dissolve and be replaced by another political philosophy with another “Going Nowhere” loop. This will happen through financial collapse, military take over (martial law type), the world government model “coming to the rescue” or any number of inanities I haven’t thought of.

At some point all the current political systems will cease to exist and become part of the past.

Here’s what’s happening in Wisconsin that every person should take notice of: The people of Wisconsin want one thing and the Governor of Wisconsin is saying no. What type of government is that?

I can’t imagine any person who wouldn’t want a quick reliable way to oust an elected official – other than an elected official. Do we have a quick reliable way to oust an elected official here in the United States? Why is that?

I don’t know if the people of Wisconsin, protesting for unions, are the best people to decide the fate of Wisconsin. I do think that if they lived in a Democracy they would get their way. Wouldn’t they?

If you sit back and really watch political events in this country you’ll begin to see something very clearly. What is a congressman, or a Senator, or a President? I’m not sure what the majority of people in the U.S. think a President is. As far as I know the presidency was created to satisfy people’s longing for a King.  I do know what a congressman is. It’s stated in their title: State representative. Their are a few congressman who are carrying the wishes of their constituency to DC.

Does your representative represent and reflect your wishes and choices when they vote for legislation? Do you even know what they vote on? Do they consult you? Do you ever see them? Why are your representatives spending so much of their time in DC? More and more we see that congress, and government as a whole, has little or no relationship with the rest of the country. They left after the election and basically moved to DC where they represent – themselves.

The whole point is this: If a majority of people in Wisconsin want something – their should be no one person to say – No. If the people of Wisconsin want unions the constitution says, they get unions. If people of Nebraska don’t want them then the same applies – they don’t have to have them. If the Governor or the Government wants something different then the people should be able to remove them – quickly. If removal isn’t possible then their is no government of the people.


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