Worst New Law – Possibly In North Carolina

According To Natural News

We warned you that this was coming! This is the complete tyranny of the medical police state now being brought to bear against the healers of North Carolina. Healers will become felons under this bill, which turns herbalists into Class I Felons and essentially criminalizes all real medicine that exists outside the corrupt state licensing boards which are dominated by pharma interests.

Natural medicine is becoming too powerful, you see, and the corrupt, criminal-minded pushers of pharma poison, chemotherapy and radiation have decided they must round up and imprison all the natural healers in order to maintain their dominance over health treatments.

Also breaking today: Japan is release 2.4 million gallons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. And this level of release is going to happen again and again as more radioactive water keeps being produced there. The mass irradiation of the Pacific Ocean has begun.
Your government is lying to you about this entire story, and now the EPA is about to raise the “allowable” levels of iodine-131 radiation by thousands of times in order to be able to declare the coming radioactive fallout to be completely “safe.” The way to protect America from radioactive fallout, it seems, is to simply redefine it. Suddenly it’s all declared safe by the EPA!

Seriously: I couldn’t make this stuff up. The level of insanity that has infected the minds of those running our state and national governments has become intolerable. We are living through a circus of criminality at every level among the so-called “leaders” who claim to be running our country. Their actions put hundreds of millions of people at risk in North America alone…

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