You Have No Country No Rights No Freedom

Is there a nation on this planet about which I can not say. “It’s not your Nation”? When people don’t make the rules to whatever game they’re playing it’s not their game. What country do you live in? Did you make the rules? Do you like the rules?

What rights do you have in the country where you live? I have the right to follow the rules – or else. If those rules work against me and others – too bad. In this country property rights only extend as far as other people like me. My government says my property is theirs. The government tells me what rights I have and then changes the rules – as they see fit.

I only have the freedom allowed by the State. In fact in the mind of the State I belong to them. I can be punished for a failed suicide attempt. Even my body is not mine.

If I had a country people could have private property if they wanted it. People could enjoy privacy.

If I had a country there would be freedom. People would be free to grow and eat what they wanted. People would be free to generate and use whatever energy they liked. People would be free to invent anything, build anything, grow anything and give it away or sell it as they saw fit.

In my country money would be optional. Any form of trade or sharing would be the choice of individuals.

In my country we’d write our own constitution, maybe…

Granting people certain rights is not the same as having rights . Rights can not be handed out like hall passes. Rights are something we either have, or we don’t have. Allowing people certain freedoms is not freedom. Slaves are allowed certain freedoms. When basic human rights are granted, delegated, regulated and taxed that’s not freedom.

Where are you? Do you have a Country of your own? Do you own things? Control things? Decide things?

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