You think you know gravity?

from Ed U Caydenya,

Electrostatic pressure attracts all objects regardless of polarity.

Einstein regarded gravity to be propagated at the speed of light. Gravity has identical range to electromagnetism, which is infinite. As the range of these fields is infinite, and the fields would have been established and propagated as soon as the electric potential for a charge’s existence was manifested (or set in motion), the force potential would now already exist at every potential point in space.

This still leaves us with the same problem, however, as to what is the speed at which changes to these fields is realised by objects interacting with them.

Also, Einstein’s description of gravity describes objects with mass (energy) as warping the space around them, reducing gravity to a single body interaction with space itself, yet all equations used to calculate gravitational force require the masses of two bodies and the distance between them, which describe a two body force of attraction.

Conclusion: gravity may be nothing more than misinterpreted crap, far better described by electrostatics than dark fairytales.

Ed U Caydenya

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