Your Mind: Save cookies but delete cache

In informatics, a computer accumulates all the tracks regarding the websites, videos and informations you watched, checked and searched…

This is called the “cache memory” (accumulation of data latently operative).. After years it occupies a large part of the operative system.. up to a point in which it can slow down dramatically the fluidity of the device.

The “cookies” are the tools required to automatically remember a password, a name or a tag… : if you erase the cache but not the cookies.. then the computer is faster..

So it’s the mind: Can the mind erase psychologically the whole accumulation, the entire cache the mind carries with herself in terms of beliefs, influences and mental heaviness .. preserving the cookies .. so to think more smoothly, fluently and with an increased observation and profound immediate understanding so to proceed psychologically free of past useless luggages?

As like we can set up this reality with a computer.. so, in the same way, we can do the same with the brain…

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