Your Tax Dollars At Work – Paying People To Kill Us

Thank that’s a little over the top? What happens to you when there is no food? No water? No clean air to breathe or good land to live on? Here is an example (just one of many) of how we fund people to kill us.

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EWG Against The Pesticide Lobby Of Darkness

Ken Cook, Environmental Working Group

Dear Friends,

Since 1991, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been testing fresh produce for pesticide residues and releasing the findings. Environmental Working Group analyzes these detailed technical reports to produce our Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides.

Just last year, nearly $200,000 of taxpayers’ money was used to support a misinformation campaign run by the Alliance for Food and Farming, a pro-agricultural chemicals lobby dedicated to combating pesticide critics like EWG.

Chemical agribusiness interests want to suppress the truth about pesticides

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